uPVC is shorten word for Unplasticized PolyVinyl Chloride or it can be simply call as plastic and vinyl. It can be made to any quality in many way by adding premium additive of chemical. uPVC is was found by in 1838, was by the French physicist and chemist Henri Victor Regnault and the second in 1872 by the German Eugen Baumann. In 1950's many companies started to produce PVC and volumes increased dramatically around the world. Since then uPVC had play a big part in bulding material.


    uPVC products rapidly became essential to the construction industry; the plastic's resistance to light, chemicals and corrosion made it the best option for building applications. Improvement made to the materials’ resistance to extreme temperatures, allowed for PVC to be transporting water to trillion of homes and industries. It also had low cost, excellent durability and processability, make it the material of choice for many of industries such as health care,IT, transport, textiles and construction.

What is uPVC - Vinyl?