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  A Brand You Can Trust

VG uPVC Formula

Only we know which formula is best fit for weather in Thailand and we have skill to craft any gutter to fit any weather in the world


Our Rain Gutter is not just made from       ordinary plastic factory but it was made       from over 13 Years SPECIALIST

  VG l Ezy Dark Brown UNIQUENESS

  VG l Standard Quality

Super Cool Color

Highest quality of our brown formulation     to make sure that color of our product can last even longer


Modern design to suit all house styles from luxury to modern look

Faster Installation with super quick connection

Faster installation with new fitting for all parts and accessories

uPVC Material (No Rust)

uPVC Materials cannot be rust / sweat stain / green algae for lifetime use


Timeless design where Hanger is hidden within Rain Gutter

Light Weight

Easier to install on high ground with light weight material

Super Strong Hanger with Double Protection

Extra strong hanger with double lock system to ensure durability


Good Resistance to sunlight, humidity, and chemocals.

Overflow Protection

Our new End Cap System that protect water from overflow

Same Color

Gutter, pipe, and all accessories are avaliable with the same color to ensure that every part is blend in nicely.

2.5 & 3.0 INCHES PIPE

Our new Downspout compatible with 3.0 inches pipe

Blend in Texture

Vinyl Texture providing a soft look that is easy to blend in

Premium Chemical

Use High-End quality chemical from world class brand

High Impact (No Crack)

No Cracking due to high impact resistance from high quality chemical that make our gutter material flexible

UV Absorber X2

Double UV to Protect uPVC (Our materials) damage from sunlight

Fit with long length roof

VG unique design able to fit with long length roof (6.3 Inches wide)

Blend as one (No Peeling)

No peeling off as Color and vinyl are blended as one with color chemical

2.5 Inches Pipe

Round pipe 2.5 inches can drain water from the roof with area of 45-55 sqm.